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How to be Mindful in just a few minutes – The Five Point Senses Meditation

Mandy Papas - Mindfulness Coach

Mandy Papas – Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Coach


Mindfulness is all about connecting to the present moment – to tune into ourselves and our surroundings.

When we can become ‘present’ in this way we are not worrying about the past or the future. We can enjoy a sense of calmness and also train our minds to focus and settle on what we choose to focus on – a welcome pause from a busy or negative mindset.

We engage all of our senses to fully enjoy that moment of connection to the present.

Try this useful Five Point Senses meditation that can be carried out at any time or any place you choose. It is beneficial for your growing mindfulness practise to try it out in new and unexpected places to trace your sensory surroundings. You may find that your experience of the world is enriched as you discover a whole new experience of the world!


Start by noticing the touch of your clothes against your skin, then move attention to your surroundings. Touch things within reach, closing your eyes once you have found a suitable object of focus.


Look around you. Notice the colours, shades, shapes and details. Notice the divisions between things.


Bring your focused awareness to any distinctive smells around you, if there are any. Bring anything that is suitable in that moment close to your nose, such as flowers, food, etc. If there is an absence of things to smell, imagine and recreate your favourite smells.


Listen, with your eyes closed, to sounds nearby and far. Scan the whole range of possible pitches and volumes. Listen to the sounds of your body as well as the external sounds around you. Notice the way in which some sounds change and fade.


Start by tasting the inside of your own mouth. Try mindful eating with a variety of foods with different textures and flavours. Notice how your body feels when you eat your food mindfully. You can eat more intuitively rather than with distraction which is so often the case. Mindful eating enables you to listen to what your body needs and wants – not being governed by thoughts and emotions.



Mandy, our Mindfulness Coach teaches you meditation as part of her six week 1-1 mindfulness course here at the clinic, so contact our friendly reception team if you want to benefit from introducing mindfulness into your life.



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