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Grain Free Banana Bread

I love the Hemsley sisters, and their grain free banana bread is a treat. Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are a pair of my favourite cooks and food writers. This banana bread recipe is a bit of a life sav  ... Read more

My food philosophy

980x450 apple
My food philosophy is simple; I try not to eat foods that will provoke inflammation in my body. My food philosophy means that I avoid refined sugars and starch most of the time, so that’s no sweets, cakes, biscuits or i ... read more

Winchester Spine Centre is moving

Winchester Spine Centre is moving. It has been a long time coming but due to the recent sale of our current premises to a new owner Winchester Spine Centre has been invited to leave Alison Way by the end of the year. On Novem ... read more

Back pain relief, gardening

Winchester Gardeners look after your back
Back pain relief can be found by following these simple tips when gardening this spring. Watch the video to learn how to bend safely, dig and weed the garden without stressing your back. Please Share it with your friends and ... read more

Chiropractic care when you’re over 60

chiropractic care when you're over 60
Chiropractic care when you’re over 60 Is it safe to still get chiropractic care when you’re over 60? Not only is it safe but it’s really important keep your spine in the best condition as you get older. We k ... read more

Back pain caused by exercise

avoid back pain caused by exercise
Video of the month How to avoid back pain caused by exercise This month Mark Kennedy shows you how to avoid back pain caused by exercise this New Year season. Focussing on maintaining a “neutral spine” these prin ... read more

A Merry Mindful Christmas

Mandy Papas - Mindfulness Coach
Mindful Mandy says “Have yourself a very merry mindful Christmas!”   What does Christmas mean for you? Do you get caught up in the nostalgia, the madness, the hype….Christmas songs on your play list, decorate your home ... read more