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Chiropractic care when you’re over 60chiropractic care when you're over 60

Is it safe to still get chiropractic care when you’re over 60?

Not only is it safe but it’s really important keep your spine in the best condition as you get older.

We know that around 1/3rd of over 65’s will fall at least once a year perhaps resulting in significant injury and hospitalisation.

Interventions such as falls prevention exercises to improve gait, balance and function as well as vitamin D supplementation are all proven to reduce falls risk.

Further more there is now evidence to show how chiropractic care when you’re over 60 helps you reduce your risk of falling.                 (read about the study here)

Watch this short video to help you improve your balance.

Whether you want to stay active and comfortable to keep working, enjoy your leisure time playing sports, getting out for some good walks, spending time with young grandchildren or even taking care of ageing parents your local  Winchester chiropractor can help.

Research from New Zealand (click this link to read the research) demonstrates the relationship between chiropractic care when you’re over 60 and a reduced risk of falling. Additional benefits reported in this study were

  • reduced hip pain
  • less dizziness
  • improvements in chronic migraines

So if you want to feel good and stay active call us to schedule a consultation.





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