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I love the Hemsley sisters, and their grain free banana bread is a treat.

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are a pair of my favourite cooks and food writers.

This banana bread recipe is a bit of a life saver for me as my chief food weakness is cakes and biscuits. This gives me a little of the texture and flavour that I crave but as you know I try to avoid the grains that are usually the principal ingredient of such treats. In this recipe it’s ground almonds that substitute for the flour.

Here is a link to the recipe published in The Daily Mail Online

And here is one I prepared earlier!

Mine has a few modifications because I didn’t have quite enough ground almonds. I popped in some pumpkin and sunflower seeds to bulk the loaf out a little. It turned out really well and just gives a little more texture to the bread. It also shows how forgiving the recipe is.



Good protein and anti -inflammatory fats from the Almonds and the Flax seeds, a great source of veggie Omega 3 Oils.

Have a go yourself and, Bon appetite!