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Exercise Therapy

The combination of getting your muscles and joints to work right and using some form of exercise therapy to develop the mobility and strength you need to match the demands of your lifestyle is what most of our clients want.

To help with this I’ve been busy in the lockdown interval creating an exercise space in the clinic that gives

us the capacity to teach you what you need to know about exercising in a small space with minimal, relatively inexpensive equipment.

I’ve installed a weights rack with a barbell and bumper plates, we have kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, therabands, TRX and just enough floor space to play on. The ability to teach you to safely use the sorts of equipment available in most commercial (and some home) gyms is of great benefit to us. Knowing that what you’re doing in the gym is correct for you will be of great benefit to you.

Our new exercise space

Our new exercise space

We’ll be adding 1-2-1 training in this space just as soon as we are able to do so and will keep you posted about what we’re offering.

Exercising with weights twice a week is part of the World Health Organisation’s recommendations for optimal wellbeing for us all. Let us show you how to make it part of your exercise habit. It will make you live longer and healthier.