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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique has been taught for over a 100 years and is practiced throughout the world by people all ages, abilities, interests and needs. It is a skill for life that can be learned and applied to pretty much anything and everything whether they are everyday or specific requirements.

Alexander Technique in Winchester

Finn Kellow-Webb

In essence it is a technique that teaches you how to use your body and mind more naturally, effectively and efficiently consequently minimising stress and tension on the body. It addresses an individual’s use of their body in order to reduce the effects of unhelpful physical and mental habits that have built up over the years which may have contributed to postural and other muscular skeletal issues. Besides the general public, the Alexander Technique is also widely used by actors, musicians, sportspeople, singers and professional presenters.

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Your Teacher: Finn Kellow-Webb

Using the Technique for sports performance is of particular interest to me and I conduct specialist running workshops. These incorporate the principles of the Alexander Technique, teaching people how to run more freely, naturally, and efficiently and therefore reducing the risk of injury. I have also helped golfers, rowers, horse riders and musicians to improve their performance with the Alexander Technique.

I trained for three years at the Brighton Centre for the Alexander Technique after teaching PE for 13 years. I am still very interested in sport and exercise having stopped playing rugby and now enjoy running, swimming, tennis, golf and hiking. I live in Winchester with my wife and children.

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