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Baby Chiropractic Checks for Charity

baby chiropractic checks

At Winchester Spine Centre we believe that baby chiropractic should be part of a baby’s care to address any musculoskeletal and postural tension they might have already developed which could be causing discomfort and affecting their everyday routines and parents sleep and sanity.

We would like to offer our knowledge to advice and help in any way we can to help parents and babies enjoy this special and beautiful time together.

We are  offering a 30 minute baby chiropractic check up for all newborn babies (up to 12 weeks old) in return for a donation to our nominated local charity, Friends of the Family Winchester who have been providing confidential support to local families for over 20 years.

Chiropractor Daniela Colores-Jardon offers a total of 6 individual baby chiropractic checks every month on a first come, first served basis. These are charged at £20, all of which goes to our chosen charity. Once these places have been filled, the 30 minute baby check is charged at £50.

This equates to around 36 hours of our chiropractor’s clinic time each year that they donate for a worthwhile cause.


Our aim is to take a full history of pregnancy and birth, such as the position of the baby in the womb, i.e breech or transverse position, and for how long. Your child’s routine such as sleeping/feeding patterns and general behavior can help us learn a lot of information to determine how/if we can help.

The examination

Although an examination may vary for babies and children due to their age and development, when examining, it is important to consider any postural and muscular tension that might be present as well as the overall movement and alignment of the spine. Cranial bones are assessed to evaluate head shape and symmetry. Babies will also be examined for alignment and stability of their hips and feet. For any feeding concerns the muscles of the mouth and jaw as well as the suck reflex are examined.  Other areas of evaluation include the diaphragm and abdomen where tension and congestion might be present.

To schedule your Baby Chiropractic Check please contact reception on 01962 843242.