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In the clinic we talk a lot about movement because our habits as adults can lead to poor patterns of movement. We may not bend, lift, push or pull in ways that are efficient and that sometimes can be part of the cause of our aches and pains.

The reason that Injury can be caused by movements is simple and consistent. A tissue somewhere, such as muscles or discs, a ligament or tendon becomes overloaded and irritated. If that tissue were stronger or more resilient, or if the movement had been more efficient and placed less strain on that tissue the injury may not have happened.

In our process of helping you to feel better we focus on first showing you the patterns of movement that are most efficient and then working with you to develop more strength, stamina and resilience in those tissues.

Movement is life!

This is not a trite as it may sound, without the ability to move we are unable to move towards a food source or away from potential danger. The pathway to our demise usually involves progressive reductions in the degree to which we move.

Unless already in a coma we are now aware of the dangers of sitting still at our desks or on our sofas for too much of the time. Sitting has been talked of as “the new smoking” due to the associated health risks which include heart disease, certain types of cancer and the epidemic of Diabetes.

I do not subscribe to the concept of inevitable debility and reduction in activity with advancing age. To do so is dangerous because it promotes beliefs that allow the inevitable aches, pains and occasional weaknesses of life to alter our behaviours in favour of less movement, making it possible for us to believe  excuses like, “it’s probably just my age”.

Living requires us to move and movement adds life to our years.

Being strong means living healthier for longer. This is a fact proven by research. Those who have greater muscle strength live longer and with less disease than their physically weaker contemporaries.

As children we tend to just get on with movement and activity. Life seems to present opportunities for movement that perhaps are less obviously available to us as adults. No structured P.E. from school, school team participation or just out playing with friends in the park.

Movement for adults often gets labelled ‘Exercise”. We formalise it and create niche categories like Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics (sorry, gone a bit 80’s there).

Does it matter what we do?

Not really. Pretty much all Movement is good as long as we have muscles and joints that work sufficiently well to cope with demand. That’s where we Chiropractors and Massage Therapists come in, helping you to regain control and greater comfort in your movements so that with practice you gain strength and stamina for the life you want to lead.

We will be your guide through specific movements and exercises and encourage you to have confidence in enjoying whatever activity floats your boat. The truth is that where strength development is concerned, no one can do it for you but almost everyone enjoys some form of movement activity so let us help you find enjoy yours.

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