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980x450 stretchPhysiotherapy treatment for back pain, neck pain and pelvic pain

8 in 10 adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Often this will settle spontaneously but correct early assessment, diagnosis and treatment and intervention can help speed up recovery, reduce anxiety and get you back to work and your sports or pastimes quickly.

Our physiotherapist Nicky Hodgkinson has a strong belief in hands on, patient focused approach to treatment, which is supported by research. This means that her treatment approach is tailored to you as an individual whether the pain is acute, chronic or re-occurring and can incorporate treatment such as:

Mobilisations – small movements of joints to increase movement and reduce pain.

Manipulation – high velocity small movement to increase movement in joints.

Exercises – mobility, strengthening and stretches.

Restoring normal movement patterns and optimising musculoskeletal health.

Reducing fears of certain movements and improving movement efficiency.

Soft tissue techniques – can include frictions massage, acupuncture, trigger points and stretches.

Neural mobilisation – gentle freeing of nerve entrapments

Advice on lifestyle changes in order to decrease recurrence of injury. (such as ergonomic station at work.)

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