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Physiotherapy for Sports injury, trauma and orthopaedic rehabilitation

From major trauma and reconstructive surgery to minor sporting injuries – none should be neglected. A lack of understanding – on your behalf, a lack of good (and reliable) advice, and an excess of passive rather than active treatment can result in long absences from the activities you enjoy, even permanent damage.


We will identify and retrain movement faults that cause you pain and stop you doing what you want to do. Our experience in movement assessment will identify uncontrolled movement  and we will analyse how these faults affect your symptoms and function. We aim to fully understand your problem and the factors contributing to it. We will help you address the cause of the problem. We do this using specific exercise programs and manual therapy skills.


We aim to give you the tools to manage the problem in the long term.

Whether through sports injury, overuse or misuse, or secondary to work related tensions and stresses, or following reconstructive or corrective surgery we work with our patients until they can return to their chosen sports or activities with absolute confidence.

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