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Weight training for older people develops increased strength and has been well documented in the medical literature as an important factor in better health and quality of life.

weight training for older people

stay strong and live healthier

There are understandable concerns over safety when lifting heavy objects especially when one considers commonly held beliefs that older people should be “taking things easy”, that the onset of osteoarthritis means that they should be doing less and protecting themselves from harm. Go to the GP with knee pains and often the first thing you hear is to rest. Research is now discovering however that this is the opposite of what we need.

The fact is we are susceptible to a loss of muscle mass as we age, it’s called Sarcopaenia. Is this perhaps why we get more aches and pains as we age, because we are losing strength? The solution it seems is to ‘rage against the dying of your strength’ and make a concerted effort to bend, lift, push, pull and reach.

Roxy Cotton

Roxy Cotton

It’s never too late to start and we can show you how to do it safely. A little effort goes a long way in helping you build your strength. We are offering 1-2-1 coaching in our Micro-Gym at the clinic with strength coach Roxy Cotton who is available on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon/evening.

To maintain your training at home you require minimal equipment and space to exercise. You also need some motivation and of course that’s down to you but once you’ve learnt the right things to do you can take advantage of our remote training App to receive updates on what to do and how much to do at home.

Prices for coaching are £50 for 55 mins, just call reception on 01962 843242 to book your first session.