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iStock_000008947370SmallLive and Enjoy the Active Lifestyle You Deserve; eliminate back and neck pain.

Living a life free from back and neck pain requires that you must have strong, active muscles free from the inhibition that can be caused by the injuries and stresses of our lives. With optimum muscle function you can learn how to use posture, movement and exercise to reduce stress on your body’s tissues and stay appropriately flexible and strong to cope with the demands of your lifestyle. Learning better habits and patterns of movement which reduce the stress and increase core strength means you can achieve the goal of living free from back and neck pain.

Allow us to optimise your muscle function and help you get back to normal life quickly, teaching you how to care for yourself in future with an approach to exercise based on up to date research. Treatment can include the use of chiropractic adjustments or physiotherapy to restore correct joint function, exercise therapy to learn correct movement patterns and massage therapy for muscular comfort and relaxation.

Through our treatment approach based on scientific research, you can

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