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These days we can’t afford to be slowed down by pain,

The Pathway to Active Family Life helps keep you one step ahead!

When we are young our bodies have plenty of potential to compensate for injuries and for the chemical and emotional stresses we experience. As we age our ability to compensate diminishes to a point where a small incident can cause serious pain and have significant consequences for how we live and enjoy our normal family life.

These patterns of compensation, built up throughout our early lives can be removed by a combined approach of expert chiropractic adjustments or physiotherapyexercise therapy to learn correct movement patterns and massage therapy for comfort and relaxation.

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Chiropractic for Kids? People are often surprised when they learn that children get chiropractic care as well as adults. Everyone needs properly functioning muscles to feel and do their best. Our chiropractor Daniela Colores-Jardon specialises in the treatment of babies and children.   The soft skull bones of a baby are easily distorted by excessive pressure either in the womb or during the birth process. This is particularly so if the birth has involved any intervention such as Ventouse/Forceps delivery or C-Section.  Very long or unusually quick labours are also associated with an increased risk of cranial trauma. This has the potential to cause irritation and tension in the muscles of the scalp, neck and upper body. A thorough case history, observation and examination are the methods we use to identify whether some in-uterine or birth trauma may have occurred. Treatment is gentle and many babies sleep through the whole thing. Older children feel very grown up coming to get their spine checked like mummy and daddy do and of course you are with your children at all times should they need any reassurance. As for teens, well who knows what they think? All we know is they do really well with the right kind of care.

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