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Remain Actively Participating in Sport with our Pathway to Sporting Success.

Participation in sport, though highly enjoyable and beneficial, places physical, chemical and emotional stress on our body. This can cause reflex muscle inhibition, detract from our physical performance and increase our risk of injury.

Exercising with inhibited muscles can be counter productive because although you think you are developing strength, stamina or flexibility in the muscles you are using it is not always easy to tell whether you are truly using the muscle your think you’re working. Your body is very good at compensating for inhibited muscles. Our testing procedures isolate individual muscle inhibitions and can quickly provide the solution to any inhibitions identified.

How do you know if this is happening to you? If you always seem to get injured when you do sport or exercise, if you suffer persistent aches and pains in spite of diligently doing rehab exercise (including pilates for lower back pain) then your muscles may not be obeying your commands as obediently as you think.

Come and get muscle tested to find out how you can optimise your physical performance.

An integrated approach to treatment – regular chiropractic adjustments, sports oriented physiotherapy and exercise therapy to learn correct movement patterns combined with massage therapy to restore balanced muscle function. This means we can remain actively involved in the sport we love.

To embark upon your Pathway to Sporting Success call us now on 01962 843242 to book your first visit.

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