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The scope of Women’s Health Physiotherapy can cover a range of health issues and at Winchester Spine Centre our chartered physiotherapist Nicky Hodgkinson is experienced in the treatment of;


Back and pelvic pain in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great time of change in your body, some women sail through and others it’s not so easy. Nicky Hodgkinson has 20 years experience in treating and helping women through these changes (she’s also experienced this herself through 3 pregnancies!). So don’t struggle through your pregnancy and enjoy it!

We treat/help you to manage:

Assessment and treatment techniques are adapted to take into account your stage of pregnancy and can consist of manual therapy, exercises and lifestyle changes and advice.

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Active birthing sessions

Nicky has taught antenatal classes for many years and here at Winchester sports and spine is able to offer individual active birthing sessions for you and your birthing partner, which can be tailored to each individual needs such as how am I going to give birth with this pelvic pain or back pain. Some women come for just an active birthing session to find out more information on breathing, labouring, positioning, relaxation techniques, massage and use of birthing balls. If you need more information just call the clinic and Nicky would be happy to discuss your needs.


Post-natal care

Post-natally you may develop some musculoskeletal problems which can be addressed such as:

We provide a full assessment and tailor your treatment to your individual needs to help restore you back to full function. If you don’t have any specific problem but would like a postnatal check up and advice regarding what exercises are safe to do and are you doing them correctly we can do that too!


Gynaecological conditions


1 in 3 women suffer from incontinence. Research and guidelines recommend correct pelvic floor muscle exercises should be first line treatment for urinary incontinence. However due to the location of pelvic floor muscles it is difficult to know if you doing the exercises correctly. As women’s health physiotherapists we are able to assess if these muscles are weak and need strengthening or if they are over active (hypertonic) and need relaxing. We also assess other aspects of urinary incontinence such as fluid charts and bladder habits.


Pelvic organ prolapse

A full assessment of your pelvic floor muscles can assess if they are weak and need strengthening as this can be one of the causes or organ prolapse. We can also give advice on lifestyle changes to avoid worsening symptoms.

Useful link csp website pelvic floor exercises help in management of organ prolapse.


Post gynae-surgery

We can provide advice and treatment on the correct exercises to return to after surgery to aid your recovery and enable you back to full function and sport.


Sexual dysfunction

There are several reasons why women may experience painful intercourse or deep pelvic pain. One common reason is women previously were told to strengthen, strengthen the pelvic floor however some women have a hypertonic (tight or spasm) in their pelvic floor muscles, which can cause the muscles to not work effectively, ache, bulk up or constrict the vagina. Any women can suffer but certain women are more susceptible than others:

Nicky will able to assess if your muscles are hypertonic and then are able to treat them accordingly and teach you exercises to help relax the muscles initially and then work on reinstating the correct timing of the muscles.

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