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Videos; How to Avoid back pain.

Movement is a key element to avoiding back pain but not just any old movement. HOW we move doing the every day simple things really does matter and learning the correct patterns of movement will help you bend, lift, push and pull without risking back injury and pain. Click the link to see all the videos and MOVE WELL TO LIVE WELL, we call it Move365.

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8 good reasons to get a massage

Massage Therapy

With several styles of massage therapy available at Winchester Spine Centre we can help you feel soothed and relaxed or prepared and primed for action.


Back Mechanic

The Book About Back Pain

Essential reading for anyone who has back pain.

If for whatever reason you are unable to see a professional, or if you would like to compliment the treatment you are receiving from us, we highly recommend this book.

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Appointments are available.

Clinic director Mark Kennedy is running a limited number of chiropractic treatment sessions each week, operating solo in the building and spacing clients to avoid their contact with one another.

Please contact the clinic by phone 01962 843242 or using the email address below to access help and to make an appointment.

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You don’t have to live a life limited by pain.

We can help.

By understanding which of your body’s tissues is causing your pain and establishing why your problem occurred in the first place we can take the appropriate action to make you feel better and return quickly to normal activities.

Don’t know where to start?

Book one of our FREE, no obligation 15 minute MINI CONSULTATIONS. You can discuss your condition, find out what might be causing your pain and discover who amongst our team is the right person to help you feel better.

Why do we get pain?

Pain is a normal response to a stimulus which is noxious or excessive. It is a necessary part of life, without physical pain how would we avoid hurting ourselves?

How can we avoid pain?

To help us avoid pain and injury our body has many millions of sensors providing feedback to our brain at almost incomprehensible speed and with extraordinary levels of intricacy and sophistication. The majority of these sensors are in our muscles and strange as it may sound, our teeth.

Our senses of sight, taste, touch, hearing and balance also play an important role in informing our brain (our processing centre) about our environment.

The withdrawal reflex

Consider how your body reacts if you tread bare foot on a sharp tack? The muscles in your foot/leg would collapse or ‘withdraw’ away from the sharp tack, preventing pain and injury.


If you were to be chewing a mouthful of food and suddenly bit down on something hard, the muscles in your jaw would react by suddenly stopping you biting down and damaging your teeth.

These are both examples of the withdrawal reflex, a protective reaction to a harmful stimulus resulting in muscle inhibition, an involuntary weakening of certain muscles allowing the strong action of the opposing muscles to pull you away from danger.

The withdrawal reflex – friend or enemy?

In situations of very substantial or repetitive stress/strain (injury) the brain can ‘learn’ to make these reflex muscle inhibitions a consistent feature so that you remain protected from harm. Good news! and very useful until you need to use one of these “inhibited’ muscles for movement or activity but because it’s been withdrawn from action by your brain and nervous system you must use one or a group of other muscles to substitute for the inhibited one.

Of course this keeps you moving but with less efficiency, placing strain on other areas of your body that become at risk of injury themselves. Not such good news. This process of inhibition and compensation continues until one day a muscle, joint or spinal disc become stressed beyond tolerance and a painful injury occurs.

At Winchester Spine Centre our expertise spans many areas including:

Central to our approach is accurate diagnosis of your condition, individualised treatment plans and an emphasis on teaching you how to care for yourself. What we do through a process that begins with some thorough questioning followed by a physical examination during which we test the activity of your muscles is to work out which of your body’s tissues is causing your pain. We discover whether it is a joint, muscle, nerve or spinal disc injury, we learn why that tissue has become injured and then most importantly we work out a way to fix the problem.

We make you strong again

Treatment using a range of techniques including manipulation, massage and exercise focusses on restoring optimum muscle function so that when we return to activity we do so with muscles that can work reliably, strongly and with stamina to move comfortably and safely through our daily lives.

We aim to help you become robust enough to live the life you choose.

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